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Right two ads shortcode

To reproduce slider like at this page add slider module to the BannerLeftWide pane and the following code, which responsible for 2 ads, to the BannerRightNarrow pane inside text/html module:

<div class="beta">
<div class="banner small image second">
<a href="#">
<img alt="" src="/portals/responsive/content/banner-second.jpg" class="responsive" data-side="both" />
<span class="caption white">Additional banner</span>
<div class="banner small image third">
<a href="#">
<img alt="" src="/portals/responsive/content/banner-third.jpg" class="responsive" data-side="both" />
<span class="caption white">Third banner</span>

Slider module

There are 3 slider themes available:

1. Full witdth slider

Watch example

2. Slider + two ads

Watch example

3. Slider + text

Watch example

Features of the slider module

  • fully responsive
  • auto play or auto pause at start
  • touch gestures on mobile devices
  • optional caption + title
  • lots of parameters to customize
  • user friendly admin interface
  • use html for "slider with text" theme
  • use bonus "Tabs" module's theme to create tabbed content!